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中信多倫多中心為加拿大中國信徒佈道 會屬下在本國的第四間社會服務中心。 中信中心位於華人人口眾多及多元文化 的士嘉堡市。

中信中心的設立是本著基督教的信仰去 關懷社會上不同年齡 性別 ,和有需要的 個人或群體。義工透過參與中信中心的 各種不同服務和關顧可以幫助到有需要 的人。

CCM Toronto Centre Mission Statement

To bring the Church to the people,
then bring the people back to the Church.

CCM Toronto Centre is the fourth community ser­vices centre under the umbrella of CCM Canada. The Centre is located in Scarborough, a multicul­tural community with a dense Chinese population.

CCM Centre seeks to live out the Christian faith by caring for the people's needs. Services are pro­vided for all ages and for different groups of peo­ple with needs. CCM volunteers serve the commu­nity and help these people through the programs or social services provided by CCM Centre.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • 文件、文字處理
  • 中文輸入
  • 前台接待、迎賓  
  • 數據記錄    
  • 平面設計
  • 電腦圖像
  • 攝影及錄像
  • 音響控制
  • 維修/清潔/水、電工
  • 書室
  • 領唱
  • 介紹、講演
  • 樂器、樂隊
  • 幼兒照顧
  • 手工藝
  • 教學、補怕
  • 關顧、探訪
  • 翻譯
  • 輔導
  • 救傷
  • Document & word proc­essing
  • Chinese input
  • Front desk and Greeters
  • Data Recording
  • 2-D Design
  • Computer Graphic
  • Photo & Video
  • AV Control
  • Maintenance/ Cleaning/ Wood or Electrical work
  • 銷售 : 書室
  • Book Room
  • Lead songs, hymns
  • Presentation
  • Music, Bands
  • Baby Sitting/Child Caring
  • Art & Crafts
  • Tutorial, Teaching
  • Caring, Home Visits
  • Interpretation
  • Counseling
  • CPR