Ada Ma

“Five years ago, I felt frustrated and depressed after losing my job! A sister introduced me to volunteer at CCM Centre. Beyond my expectation, the care and love of the staff and volunteers at CCM helped me gradually regain confidence and come out of haze! The warmth of the CCM family was, therefore, always on my mind even after I had found a job. For the past few years, I have been volunteering at CCM’s front desk on my only two weekends off each month. Being able to volunteer at CCM is absolutely no “loss” but a tremendous “gain”!”

Tony Sen

“I have been a volunteer at CCM for five years, but it was the last two years when I committed to serving whole-heartedly. That is because my brother, who bore the same name as CCM in Chinese, died of stomach cancer two years ago. Each time I walked into CCM Centre, I turned my grief into energy to serve the folks there, be it at front desk, doing chores, operating audio… I will always take on any tasks I see that are within my abilities. When I open myself to devote to CCM, I feel the mutual support and growth with people at CCM and regain new goals; unknowingly I have moved away from darkness to light and started to cheer up. That is why coming to CCM is definitely not a “give” but a super big “gain” for me!”

Pastor Dennis Mok

“I came to volunteer at CCM roughly 10 years ago. Be it running the outreach program “Sing-a-long Together Friday Night” previously or the workshop “Splendid Life Come and See” now, I have always taken my assignments on gladly because I think through those activities, I will meet community folks who have not yet come to know the Lord and those in need. It is very hard to bring these people to church. However, the programs at CCM provide a forum for them to hear the Gospel, even to decide to follow Jesus. As a result, serving as a volunteer at CCM helps me step out of the church to be more mature—this is a not a “losing” service but a “gaining” one.”

Eleanor Wong

“CCM Toronto Centre opened 12 years ago! I attended the sharing at the opening dinner and was touched by the centre’s mission statement: “To bring the Church to the people, and then bring people back to the Church.” That is why when CCM Toronto called for volunteers; I made use of scheduled appointments to serve the community after work or on weekends. As I was a civil servant at the social welfare department, I passed on relevant welfare information and made referrals. And since my retirement in recent years, I have started serving at the centre one day each week. I thank the heavenly Father for the grace and CCM for the opportunity to give my remaining life for God’s use.”

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Picture of CCM Toronto Center 中信多倫多中心
CCM Toronto Center 中信多倫多中心

To bring the Church to the people, then bring people back to the Church.