CCM Youth All Stars Community Care Project

The aim is to empower youth to contribute and payback to their community. Along with their involvement in the community, they can earn 30 volunteer hours towards their education and experience.

  • Leadership Skills Certification
  • 30 hours of volunteering
  • Age group 14-19
  • Time and Date: October 2019 – March 2020, Saturday 3:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Interview Required
  • You must come to CCM to confirm your registration
Program Details

This program is structured with the following components: self-awareness, team building, problem solving, conflict resolution, event planning, implementation, leadership, and field study.
Upon completion of the program, participants will have expanded their perspective and knowledge on social issues and developed their interests in volunteering. A program completion certificate will be rewarded to participants with 30 hours of volunteering , and they will also be registered as CCM volunteers.

中信青年實踐 社區關懷課程

社区关怀训练, 是特别为高中学生而设, 培养他们对义工服务的兴趣,使他们能够发展所長,成為好义工,投身社会服務及回饋社區。

  • 領導能力認證
  • 30小時的社區服務
  • 年齡組14-19歲
  • 時間和日期:2019年10月 – 2020年3月,週六下午3:30 – 5:30
  • 需要面試
  • 您必須來中信中心確認您的註冊


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