2019 CCM Centre Footprints of Love Walkathon 中信中心愛心足印步行籌款

Dear friends of CCM, greetings!

Thank you for your faithful support and walk with us in the past 12 years. CCM Centre’s 9th walkathon event “Footprints of Love 2019” will be held on September 7, 2019 (Saturday). This is a major fundraising event for CCM each year to fundraise the operation fund. Your support is really important for us to continue serving the Lord and providing the valuable services to the community.


There are several ways you can support CCM and you could use both online or pledge form to make the fundraising more effective:

  1. Through the website Footprints of Love
    1. “Get Involved”           – Register as a walker, or
    2. “Donate to Walker”  – Support a designated walker, or
    3. “General Donation”  – Support the event
  2. Through the pledge form – You are welcome to get the pledge form from our centre.
Your Impact Matters - Join Us!

It would be great that if you can invite your family and friends to join us. Please tell them to click the tab “About Us” at Footprints of Love to know more about Toronto CCM Centre. Should you have any concerns, please feel free to call at 416-291-3202.

Your participation has also become a blessing to others!


感謝您的忠實支持並與我們一起走過十二年。中信中心將於9月7日 (星期六)舉辦第9屆『愛心足印2019』步行籌款。這是中信中心每年為經費籌款的主要活動,所以您的支持對於我們能繼續推動福音的工作和為社區提供寶貴的服務是非常重要的。



  1. 通過網站 Footprints of Love
    1. “參與步行籌款”  – 登記成為步行者, 或
    2. “捐款支持步行者” – 支持指定的步行者, 或
    3. “一般捐款”    – 支持是次活動
  2. 通過步行籌款表格 – 歡迎到中心登記領取表格
Your Impact Matters - Join Us!


您的參與也成為別人的祝福! 願主賜福!

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Toronto CCM Center 多倫多中信中心
Toronto CCM Center 多倫多中信中心

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